Advantages of Correspondence Tuition

Unlike day or evening classes, a correspondence course will give you total flexibility with regard to

  • when you start
  • where you study
  • test papers can be completed in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, the office or even on board your own boat
  • course duration. Courses can be completed in as little as four weeks or take up to 12 months. You choose the pace. On average, at four hours a week, you are looking at 5 to 6 months to complete a course

If we are not using methods on a regular basis, memory fades. With a correspondence course you can refresh your memory by re-reading the modules to regain confidence in your own abilities to be sure that you have the skills needed to be safe.

The average duration of the courses assumes study time of about 5 hours per week, but for those who have more time available most of the courses can be completed in anywhere between a matter of weeks to a few months. Providing you are working to the standard required by your tutor you can progress through a course as quickly as you like. The maximum allowed duration enables those with less time to spare to conduct their course at a more leisurely pace without being unduly hurried. If anything unforeseen should happen, plenty of time is allowed for the course to be postponed and continued at a later date.

Changing address is no problem either. A single phone call to the school to advise us of any change of address, either in the UK or abroad, is all that is required for your course tuition and administration to move with you.


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• Begin at any time of the year

• UK or overseas
• Conducted at your own pace
• In your own home
• Personal and private tuition

• Course material
• Written explanations
• Guidance and help
• Immediate response
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