How a Course Works

All the courses are in sections which comprise a number of modules. A module contains a series of self-test exercises and model answers which enable you to monitor your own progress. At the end of the first and second section, you complete an RYA tutor-marked assessment which is returned to NMCS for appraisal by your tutor who will advise you of your progress.



The questions in both the self-test exercises and the assessments are designed to draw your attention to significant parts of the syllabus and you are encouraged to refer to the relevant modules whenever you wish to do so. In this way, the completion of these exercises forms a valuable part of the learning process.

Because all our administrative and tutorial staff are full-time, your work is returned to you as soon as your tutor has marked it, together with the next section of your course. (Overseas students will receive the whole course immediately so that they may progress to the next section without waiting for their assessment to be returned to them.) This interchange will continue until the whole of the course has been completed and the final assessment returned to your tutor.

Once the course has been completed you will receive a revision pack consisting of an RYA concise notes booklet, sample test questions and model answers, and the RYA test papers are sent to you at home in a sealed envelope. You may take these tests at home, but in order for them to be valid we ask that you sign a declaration that you have attempted the test papers under exam conditions, ie that you have not exceeded the time allowed, that you have not referred to any books other than those that are allowed for reference purposes, and that you have not consulted with any other person during the period of the exam. You return the test papers, together with your answers, to the school where the staff will arrange for them to be marked.

These test papers and your course work combine for your final mark award and, assuming that you have reached the required standard, subsequent issue of your RYA certificate.

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