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Knowing which course is going to be of most benefit to you is usually resolved by asking yourself two questions:

How much do I know at present?

How much do I want to know for the future?

For instance, if you are relatively new to sailing, the Yachtmaster Ocean course would not be a realistic starting point as this course assumes a prior knowledge of coastal and offshore navigation - in effect, youíll be able to cross an ocean, but you may not be able to find it in the first place! Better to start with a Day Skipper course and see how things progress from there.

However, if you have little experience but are fairly certain that one day youíd like to do some offshore or blue water sailing, then you may well opt for Coastal or Ocean Cruising.

If you have been sailing for some time, perhaps have your own boat or have skippered boats in the past, then you may consider the Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster course. This course assumes a prior knowledge of navigation, but the format is such that the beginning of the course will act as a quick revision of the basics if things are just a bit rusty.

If you are still undecided, have a look at some of these examples but remember that the list is not exhaustive and you may not fall into any of the categories. If you donít, email us to discuss your specific requirements.

Iím completely new to things but would eventually like to do a cross-Channel passage and perhaps charter overseas.

Iím completely new to things but would eventually like to consider long-term, blue water sailing.

Iíve done some crewing and some dinghy sailing, but no navigation.

Iíve chartered boats in the past and have skippered on a number of occasions but would like to go further afield. I know how to set a course and work up an estimated position.

I have sailed for some considerable time but I feel I need a recognised qualification. My navigation is okay, but could do with a little improvement.

I hope at some stage to complete longer passages and need to know a lot more about how to use a sextant and ocean passage planning.

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